Balloons by the Bunch:(non- arranged)
                             25 latex $45.00                          
                         50 latex $85.00
                         75 latex $120.00
                        100 latex $165.00

*Additional Latex Balloons are $2.25
*Arranged additonal charge (varies on quantity purchased)
Basic Spiral Columns (specialty columns may vary in price):
6Ft w/topper $65
8FT w/topper $ 80
10FT w/topper $90
A $25 stand deposit will be required for all columns ordered in Riverside. (Balloons will need to be removed off stands prior to being picked up, or a Clean-up and removal fee will be charged)
Please note for all locations outiside Riverside a $25 non-refundable charge will be added to Column price for stands; stands then are not required to be returned.
Twisted-Garland Arches $10.00 a Foot
String of Pearl Arches $8.00 a Foot
Link-Looms Arches  $7.00 a Foot
Arch Formula:
*1. If the Arch is wider than it is tall:  Height + Width= Approximate Total Length
2. If the Arch height and width are about the same: 1.5 (Height)+Width = Approximate Total Length
3. If the Arch is taller than it is wide: 2(Height) +Width = Approximate Total Length
*1.) Example for Twisted Garland Arch: Height is 7FT + 8FT=15FT total length X's $10.00 = $150.00

                  Minimum purchase is $150
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